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Sales Book Review: Selling the Wheel, Jeff Cox

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Coming in at number one of our top ten most highly rated sales books, we would like to bring to you Selling the Wheel, by Jeff Cox.

Now, this is perhaps one of the least famous books on the list; but we assure you that this is a hidden gem!

Selling The Wheel is a fascinating story about sales and marketing written in the form of an ancient parable: Once upon a time, long ago, a resourceful fellow named Max came up with a brilliant idea and invented the heel. But human beings, who had been getting along without the Wheel for thousands of years, did not instantly appreciate the need for this clever invention.

This is the challenge facing Max! In this story, Max and his wife, Minnie, learn what it takes to market the Wheel. With the help of Ozzie the Oracle, they discover four essential selling styles; Closer, Wizard, Relationship Builder and Captain and Crew. And they come to understand how each style is suited to a different type of salesperson. They learn that as markets evolve, selling styles and strategies must change. There is no single right way – and no company can be all things to all people.

What we really love about this book is the fact that once again, as with some of the other books in our list, you get swept away in the parable and sometimes you forget that you are in fact reading a sales and business book. But not only that, you can see the clear difference in types of selling and you soon pick up the styles you are perhaps most natural on, and the ones you could perhaps refine. As an extension to this, it is a great chance for sales managers to learn about how putting different people in your team into different types of roles then you will see your team perform to the best of their abilities.

Author Jeff Cox, who also wrote Zapp! And The Goal began his career at a large international public relations agency, rising up to become the position of vice-president before becoming an independant writer in 1981. By working closely with Howard Stevens who is the chairman of the HR Chally Group and pioneered a revolutionary sales analysis approach, Selling The Wheel speaks direct to the heart and after reading it you will certainly see that your sales naturally increase.

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