Paragon Sales Solutions Donate Christmas Dinner Hampers

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For the fourth year running, Paragon Sales Solutions have bought and delivered food hampers to those needing a bit of a boost at Christmas.

Rob Spence says:

“It started off as a wild idea a few years back. I have always wanted to spread smiles and happiness, no matter what time of year, and with Christmas being so important it only seemed right for me to be able to give back.”

“There was never any plan, or thought behind it. Quite simply, I appeal to my contacts to see if they know of anyone who needs any extra support, or perhaps has fallen into negative circumstances that are out of their control. I then put together a full Christmas Day hamper, and leave it on their doorstep.”

“Still to this day, I have not had any contact with the people or the families I delivered food to. I just want to ensure that their Christmases are as joyous and fun as possible. Which is why I fill the Christmas Day hampers to the max; I go for a full turkey, all the trimmings, vegetables, and even chuck in all the important Christmas snacks and treats that we only seem to eat this time of year.”

“There have been times in my life where I have had very minimal money and I guess you could say I was on the poverty line; or at least very close to it. And I know how much pressure can be felt at Christmas. This is my small way of giving back and just making a small impact on families in and around the county.”

Following the two hampers delivered this year, 6 hampers have been given out in total over the years and Rob has no plans to stop.

“If anything, I really want to expand what I am doing, and how many families are supported each year. Every hamper matters, and every family matters. The more we can deliver, the more smiles we can spread.”

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