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The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle | Rob’s Best Business Books


We can all think that we have either ‘got it’ or we haven’t. We can all look at admiration, or sometimes jealousy, towards those that have suddenly sprung onto the scene and appear like an over night success.

But is that really the case?

In this fantastic book, Daniel Coyle sets out to prove that the reality is very different, and that talent is actually nurtured more than being a state of nature.

Before we go on; thank you, and welcome to our latest mini-series entitled Rob’s Best Business Book where every week we shall be reviewing and sharing with you our most favourite and easily recommended business books that we feel will benefit you as a person, an entrepreneur or even as a business owner.

This week’s book is perhaps one of our most favourite books and one that truly has made a significant impact in all of the right ways.

The Talent Code was published in 2009 and has gone on to sell worldwide. As a book, it talks about the need for deep-practice, and how in doing so will allow you to develop a product called myelin which is responsible for remembering and refining talent.

This goes for all sorts of talent, from the writing of books, musical talent and even football and other sports.

In the words of Google:

“The traditional view is that talent is innate – you’ve either got it or you haven’t. But in The Talent Code, award-winning journalist Daniel Coyle reveals that the reality is very different. Drawing on the latest findings of scientists and educationalists, and looking at disciplines ranging from maths to music, he shows how the brain can be physically rewired and developed by training to create a ‘talent code’. He identifies how a particular type of training, ‘deep practice’, enhances the development of myelin in the brain. He explains why talent tends to cluster at particular times and in particular places (from Elizabethan drama to Brazilian football). These clusters disprove the theory that talent is random and God-given, and prove that the development of one talented individual often encourages others He demonstrates why some people make the leap while others don’t (factors include whether someone who goes on to be talented suffered the early loss of a parent, and whether they are the oldest, middle or youngest child). He shows why some teaching methods work better than others (e.g. why did so many children in the US struggle to learn to read when new practices were introduced). This is a radical and controversial new take on human ability and the nature of genius.”

Overall, for us this is a fantastic books as it delves deep into the make up of one’s brain. It not only teaches you in plain English how you too can achieve great things just by practicing, but it also encourages you to keep going on the activities that you are weaker on at the moment in the hope that one day you will achieve great things.

All of this is vitally important for a business owner, sales person, or entrepreneur as each of these job roles requires so many skills and talents which need to be nurtured and refined. Not only that, in the understanding of the Talent Code principle, when training and working on your staff, your team and your colleagues you will be able to deeper understand what it is that they need for them to become the best they possibly can be.

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