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Sales Book Review: Getting Past No, William Ury

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How many times as a sales person or business owner do you think you are going to hear the word ‘no’?

It happens more than you can think it will, and it doesn’t matter how good of a closer you are, or how good of a sales person you think you are; you will always face some form of rejection.

And that is why we have added William Ury’s ‘Getting Past No’ to our Top Ten of sales guides.

William Ury is the co-author of the classic, two million copy bestseller on negotiation; Getting to Yes. Getting Past No is a very effective and well written book on the strategy you need to take when dealing with someone who is difficult, tough to negotiate with, and simply someone who will not buy from you!

This great book helps you to:

Stay cool under pressure.

Disarm angry adversaries and break through resistance.

Stand up for yourself without provoking opposition.

Deal with underhand tactics and dirty tricks.

Find mutually agreeable solutions.

Use power constructively to reach agreement.

To get you what you want!

We found this book so useful, and a very easy but informative read. Sure, it could quite possibly be listed as more of a negotiation style book, however that is what sales is all about right; negotiation?

This is a must have for any sales person to help you to overcome that all damaging word; no. It doesn’t matter how many closing tactics you know, or how well your business relationship development is; you will still hear objections and you will be rejected from time to time. But Getting Past No is a vital book to give you all the skills and tips to help you to overcome these rebuttals.

Watch the Vlog about the Book HERE!

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