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Sales Book Review: Masters of Sales, Misner & Morgan

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just read one book that is full of the most effective sales knowledge from the worlds best sales leaders? Well in Masters of Sales, you can do just that!

We have ranked Masters of Sales, by Misner and Morgan as number 5 in our list of our top sales books because it is perhaps one of the heaviest books in our shelf; and not because of the size (although it is big) but because it is actually stuffed full of useful information!

In Masters of Sales, more than 80 of the most successful salespeople in the world have come together to reveal their secrets to success. You’ll learn what makes these outstanding sellers true masters of their craft – and how you can adapt to the masters’ tactics for your own.

Bursting with valuable advice from Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins, Keith Ferrazii, Tom Hopkins, Al Lautenslager and more than 60 other masters of the art of sales success.

What we love about this book is the fact that there are eleven chapters on some of the most vital elements to selling. Then within these chapters are contributions from the best sales leaders in the world; which means that you can get various tips, advice, support and view points on each of these elements. And because of this constant break down, it doesn’t seem to take a long time to read through as the narrative is constantly changing and you just get swept away bit by bit!

Watch the Vlog on this link HERE!

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