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Sales Book Review: The Game, Neil Strauss

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Now, this technically is not a sales book. However, Neill Strauss’ The Game is perhaps one of the most effective, fun books you can read to help you to see an increase in your sales!

Now let us be clear; The Game has nothing to do with sales, or business. However, the skills you learn in this book will help you to develop the courage to talk to more prospects, and will help you to communicate more effectively.

The Game recounts the incredible adventures of a shy, everyday man who transforms himself into the quick-witted, smooth-talking Style, a character irresistible to woman. But when life gets better than he could ever have dreamed, he falls head over heels for a woman who can beat him at his own game.

Jaw dropping and hilarious, The Game reveals the naked truth about sex, love and relationships and getting exactly what you want.

We are very unsure if this kind of book, or at least the things that happen within are accepted within today’s society; it is nearly 20 years old! However The Game is not only an entertaining read that will help give you the courage to potential customers, but will also give you lots of great conversational tricks and simple things you can do to help hold conversations and become a highly sought after person; both in your business and your personal life!

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