The Problem with Lead Generation….

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Digital marketing has been a Revelation over the past several years. We live in an age in which we can finally really refine our marketing demographics down and to find the right interested audience for our products or services.

This has led to a whole upsurge in lead generation services being offered by marketing professionals up and down the country. Which is amazing, right? We all need leads for our business otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sell as successfully.

But I heed a slight warning when it comes to lead generation;

Don’t ever think about your ‘leads’ as just a number.

When getting into the depths of marketing chat, demographics, split testing, and cost per lead chat, it can be easy to forget that each and every single one of your leads are infact human beings. They have a heartbeat just like you. They have a soul, just like you. They are a real human, just like you!

Have you ever worked in a larger organisation? Or a large corporation perhaps? It can be a bit soul destroying can’t it when you are seen as just a number. When you are just a number you know you can be replaced easily and if you were to suddenly leave the business for whatever reason you would be replaced as quickly as they can get a job advert out. However when working in a smaller company, you are treated as more of an individual.

The same can be said for your ‘leads’, or your potential customers. They want to feel loved, looked after and cared for. They don’t want to feel like just another number in a list of ten thousand others. They want to feel unique, and they want you to ensure their needs are met fully.

So the point I am trying to make is that of course, lead generation is vital for your business and for your sales. But next time you are handed a stack of leads, or are emailed some fresh leads to go through, don’t think of them as just ‘leads’. Remember that every single person you are handed is a real person with needs, feelings and emotions too!

That is my slight issue with automated marketing too. You know, the kind of marketing funnels you see cropping up here there and everywhere. You click on one link, you are then sent an email. You click another link, get given a unique code, you then watch a video and so on and so forth until you are given the main call to action. Or perhaps you just get sent a whole email sequence that wasn’t sent to you individually, but you were sent a copy and pasted message that is sequenced to send to you whenever the marketing brain behind it all has programmed it to do so.

Of course, this can work, and does work to a certain degree. But are we moving back towards a time when we as the consumer want to have a personal approach instead of just being another brick in the wall?

So the key takeaway point I wanted to share with you is this; every single lead, and every prospect you will ever meet deserves some form of personal conversation, or some personal approach. Don’t just rest on your laurels thinking the worlds best algorithms and AI will sell on your behalf. Whilst you are selling to humans, the best approach will be to act like a human, and sell like a human.

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