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Do THIS to Hit Your Sales Target…

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We work closely with a lot of sales teams, and sales professionals from around the world to help them to increase their sales.

Whenever we take on a sales training client, or deliver a sales training course, we like to sit down with our clients to understand their needs and to ensure that we can deliver the right possible course that will help them to see an increase in their sales and ultimately their profits.

One thing that we see an awful lot of is sales people not truly understanding, or taking the time, to work out the key parts to their role that they need to do to ensure overall success.

One key example of this is not breaking down their sales targets.

Sales targets dominate sales rooms everywhere you go. Sales targets are there to keep us focused, to keep us on track, and to give us something to aim for. But for some, they can become daunting, and become a figure that they just hope they get. They just ‘hit and hope’ and allow for a bit of guess work to get there.

But there is one simple thing, as we mentioned earlier, that you can do to ensure you always hit your target.

Break it down!

So, for this example let’s keep it simple. Your sales target is £100 – sounds easy enough right? At this stage you can take two roads; either just go about your daily routine and hope you make the target, or set up a structure to help you reach it.

The target is £100, and your average sale is £10 – so you know you need to make ten sales. However, it is never that simple. To make the sale, you know that you need to meet people face to face. On average, your conversion rate is 1 in ever 4 meetings ends in a sale. Therefore, statistically speaking, you need to meet with 40 prospects to make the 10 sales you need to hit target.

But it doesn’t stop there. You know from experience that you need to call 5 prospects to get you 1 appointment. Therefore, you need to be calling 200 prospects, which will set you up with the 40 meetings you need, to get you the 10 sales.

Does all of that make sense?

By breaking down your sales goals gives you the chance to truly understand where you as a sales professional or business owner need to allocate your time. It is only in this way that you can ensure time after time you are going to smash any sales target set out in front of you.

So next time you ever feel daunted by your sales target, or perhaps you have been struggling to meet it for a couple of months or periods then try breaking your sales target down; you may find that it helps you create steps you need to get your sales back on track. 

Paragon Sales Solutions are Leicester’s leading sales consultants, offering:

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We cater for any size business, and what makes us stand out is that we truly care. Our services can be catered for your business and our sales professionals will work tirelessly to ensure your sales targets are met. Be sure to visit our website for more details on how our sales solutions can help your business. 

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