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Three Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team.

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You want your sales team to be operating at the very highest of standards. You need and expect your sales team to perform at their best and to be generating money for your business!

What do you do when a sales team is not performing to the high standards you have come to expect?

Normally, money is thrown at sales people in an attempt to motivate and encourage them. Of course, there are certain times when commission and monetary rewards do work for sales people – however in our experience, this kind of incentive only really can benefit the sales people in your team whom are top performers; whether that be naturally or as a learned skill.

Plus, cash incentives must mean a higher margin is needed on the product or service that is being sold to justify the increase in expenses for the sales team.

We would like to introduce to you our top three ideas that you can introduce to your sales team to help fire them up and to keep them performing over a long period of time, and to ensure long term business success.


Not everyone is motivated by money. Many people for sure love money, and work hard for a bigger bank balance. However, others are not so much inspired by this. There may be some people in your team whom would much prefer paid time off in which they can spend time with their families and loved ones.

This way, you are not giving away money, and also you are encouraging those whom may not be so motivated by monetary rewards.


It is amazing how morale boosting a good social gathering, or team building/training exercise can be.

Sales can be a very lonely place; especially in an environment which is very competitive. Sometimes getting the team together for a meal, drinks, or training session can be very awakening. Perhaps introducing a team meal for successful sales can really encourage a team ethos in your workplace.


 There is no denying it; we all love a good competition.

As opposed to giving individuals commissions for their good sales results, you may be surprised as to just how successful a simple group competition can be.

A competition does not have to be in-depth, creating more work to monitor and judge. A simple leaderboard system can work wonders and really encourage those in your team whom are falling behind and can really motivate and fire them up.

Of course, you can choose whatever prize you want for the winner, however why not try out our recommendations of time off, or team building exercises a try?

Sometimes there is more to life than just money…

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