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What to do When Sales are Down…

Sales Down

It happens from time to time; sales drop. Sales people are not performing to their usual high standard, figures are dropping, and no matter what anyone tries everything just seems to fall on death ears.

It can be a very demoralising time, a worrying time in fact. As a sales professional at heart myself I have been there myself. I like to liken it to when a footballer’s confidence goes down; a striker whom normally is collecting 20 goals just is struggling to get anywhere near the target. The talent is still there, but the confidence and the form just is not.

So what can you do when you see your sales start to go drop? Here are my top three tips to overcome a sales slump….

Slow Down

Whenever we see a sales slump, or see our sales fall it can be very natural to run around like a busy fool and to panic.

The key thing you need to do however is to slow down.

If you panic, and rush around, it can be very easy to put pressure on prospects which is only going to push the buyer away. Rushing only leads to wrong decisions being made.

Take a step back. Assess what is going wrong. Are you targeting the wrong audience? Have you made misjudgments in your pricing structure? Are you pitching your product or service in the wrong way?

Slow down, regroup, and look to build on that.

Switch to a More Consultative Approach

The consultative selling approach is where a sales person becomes more of a consultant for their prospect, and the sales person will act as a guide and help the prospect find the right solution for their problem.

If we think back to step one for a second – sales could be declining because you are trying to sell what YOU want to sell for YOUR reasons, and not selling for the BUYERS reasons. A consultative approach will allow you as a sales person to slow things down, to listen to the buyer and to adapt your sales approach for their needs.

Stay Positive

We all know that a positive mindset can help us achieve anything. And as cheesy as it sounds – it’s true.

Let’s look back to the analogy of the footballer for a minute; the striker whom was once a 20 goal a year hitman is now struggling to get a shot on target. What happens if the striker allows his head to drop? What happens when they start to doubt their ability? Confidence drops lower and it becomes a very dark cycle of underperformance mixed with low self-esteem and low confidence.

When your sales start to drop; stay positive. Lift your head up. Keep smiling. You will achieve a sale again – you just need to put the above to points into your daily sales activities and you will see a massive change in your fortunes.

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