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What to do When Your Prospect is Ignoring You

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So; your prospect is ignoring you.

You have sent them over the quote or proposal that they have asked for you. They didn’t respond. So you followed up. Still nothing. You followed up again. Nothing. And so on and so on….

It happens from time to time. No matter how hard you have prospected, developed a relationship with your prospect – sometimes you do not hear anything back.

But it is so important that you do try!

Let’s face it; if your prospect is ignoring you the chances that they want to buy from you are slim. However, if you are not fighting hard enough to discover why they don’t want to buy then you won’t get another chance to sell to them

Normally, if a prospect is ignoring you the likelihood is that they aren’t ignoring you; they are ignoring the method of contact. It can be very easy to just send email after email in the hope you get a response. But remember; we live in a communication rich world in which you can;

Email, text, call, send direct mail, message on social media, visit face to face and so on.

There are so many methods of contact available to you; so get out there and communicate.

Once you do speak to your prospect then either they will buy from you, which is great! Or they might have had some questions or objections about your offering but didn’t want to raise them; and this is your chance to now answer those objections and make the sale!

So don’t sit back and scratch your head, wondering why someone hasn’t bought from you. Keep contacting in a mixture of different ways until you discover the true answers.

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