Why Sales Should be Win-Win

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Sales people have suffered from having a bad reputation for quite some time. I think stereotypically, when it comes to sales people we think of them as:

And selfish.

Sure, there are a lot of characteristics here that do ring true with a lot of sales people and a lot of the stereotyping is well deserved; however do we have to continue like this?

I have been selling for years. And sell every single day of my life. And I am sure you do too! Hence why you are reading this article. From what I have learned about sales is that when a sale is a ‘win-win’ scenario, the chances of a sale are much higher.

You see, it can be so easy to to push a product or service on to someone that might not necessarily need it. We can lie, push and force a sale upon someone just to obtain that juicy commission or revenue – but all that does is push the customer away, will leave them with a bad taste in their mouth and eventually you will get caught out.

In my experience, by making a sale a ‘win-win’ for both yourself and the prospect or customer then everyone is happy!

A lot of this may seem like common sense and I do certainly understand that. However I want to really underline the point and drill it home that the art of selling, or the act of sales, does not have to be hard work. Nor does it have to be one-sided. You will still get a monetary reward from your customer if you provide to them a service that will fix the problems that they have!

So next time you are looking to make a sale, try your very hardest to make it a win-win situation. I guarantee in doing so you will get more sales, higher customer satisfaction and in-turn you will see higher increase in referrals and repeat business!

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