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Can Working in Sales Make You Rich?

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Sales jobs are renowned for coming with good salaries, commission packages and other bonuses and perks. Let’s face it, sales people do normally like to flaunt their cash and it is no denying that sales jobs are some of the most compensated jobs available.

In 2016, the average annual salary for a sales representative was £43643.82. Even the lowest earners earned around £21004.64.

It is quite clear that working in sales can certainly be quite financially rewarding financially; but can working in sales make you rich?

It is quite a tough question to answer. After all, we know from the figures above that the average earnings of a sales person tend to be a lot higher than the average wage of Brits that sits at around £27,600. That is why working in sales can certainly be very appealing for those that see money as a great reward and that want to attract higher earnings.

There are even some much higher earnings to be had in sales if you find the right job with the right compensation package and it has been known for some sales people to earn more money than the owners of the business that they work for.

However, it has to be said that there is more to working in sales than just financial gain. When working in sales, people become people of value. Their personal networks grown alongside their business networks too. If done correctly, sales people can soon become quite influential with the right crowds and can also be the ‘go to’ people for their clients and those around them.

In my eyes, this makes them far richer, or far wealthier than any price tag that they are compensated for.

Many people are motivated by money; there is no escaping that fact and is certainly nothing to be ashamed of or concerned about. However, that is not to say that money has to be the only reward for working in sales.

Sometimes, seeing a job come through from start to finish can be very meaningful. Just picture selling a new phone system to a start-up business, and to see that business grow to need five phones; that in itself should be very rewarding for many.

Sales is a well-compensated career path simply because of the importance of sales. You cannot walk to your local shops without seeing at least a hundred things that a sales person at some stage would have had an influence over; from the brake lights on cars, to the tarmac used on the roads, to the signs that the council use to signpost the route. A salesperson, at some stage, would have come into contact with at least everything on that journey. Sales people keep the economy moving and ensure that businesses around the country and beyond continue to grow. They play a very important role in any business; hence the worthwhile compensation plan.

So, to come back to my initial question; will working in sales make you rich? Potentially. But potentially not. I know of incredibly skilled sales people whom work for an average salary, but I also know average sales people whom earn a lot in commissions and bonusses. At the end of the day, the enjoyment in what you do should far outweigh the pay slip at the end of the month and will lead you to become far richer than you could possibly imagine.

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