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Sometimes, we all have to take a step back, take a breath, and think things over.

It can be very frustrating when you perfectly pitch your product or service to someone, and despite your best efforts to follow up, they do not come back to you.

Let me tell you something; your product or your service just isn’t your prospects biggest concern right now.

When we own our own business, or spend our days talking about and pitching a certain product, it of course becomes one of the most important aspects of our lives. It is all we think about, all we care about and all we want to talk about.

But, just because it is your main concern, does not mean it is your prospects concern!

We spoke recently about the need to follow up with your prospects, and why you should keep following up with them until you hear a definite ‘no’. And this article is a follow on from that.

You see, unless your product or service is absolutely the matter of life and death for your prospect, or they are utterly desperate for it, then you will never be their number one priority. They have a million and one other things to care about and worry about; their business life, personal life, and even social life. All of these things take a greater priority than your sales pitch.

It is very important that you do what I wrote about in the opening sequence of this article; take a step back, take a breath, and think things over. Many sales trainers and sales coaches preach to people that they must force their offerings down their prospects neck and to not allow them to think – and although this can work to a degree, it can lead to a higher level of buyer’s remorse and dissatisfaction down the line. In my eyes, you should be giving your prospect more time to think. Give them the power. If you appear desperate to push the sale over the line is that going to give your prospect the confidence that what you have to sell is worth the wait?

So next time you are waiting to hear back from a prospect just remember this; we have a million and one other things going on in their life right now and your sales pitch is just a small building block of that.

So be kind, be patient and be empathetic. Sure, do follow up with your prospect and remind them that you are there. But do not fall out with them or throw your toys out of the pram because they have taken more than a day to respond to your email.

Remember; take a breath, be patient, and be there for when your prospect does need you.

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