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It is Not All About the Money!

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Let’s face it; money makes the world go around.

Sure, we all like to think that money isn’t everything and that money can’t buy happiness. However money is the currency we all need to live, buy clothes, food, and to ultimately do what keeps us happy.

However, that being said, it is vital as sales professionals, business owners or entrepreneurs that we do not just ‘chase the money’ and that we do what is best for our customers and clients.

How many times have you stumbled across and entrepreneur or business person who is so tied up in trying to make money that they lose sight of what their business is and eventually see their business fall into disrepair?

Even in a local school I was giving a talk to just recently, the majority of children told me they loved to sell things because it made them money. Which is a very honest way to approach matters I guess! The good news however is a lot of these same children said that they loved to sell because of the customer interaction, and also the sense of achievement.

Which became the inspiration for this rambling right now.

I know for me, I love to sell because of the customer conversations I get to have, the people I meet, and for the problems I get to solve. Any money made is a secondary thought. I also love that feeling of achievement, that feeling that I have hit the days or the weeks target.

You tell me; do you feel the same? Are you in sales just for the commission every month? Did you start your business to just make some money? Or do you enjoy what you do because of how you can help your customers and the local community?

My advice here is this; if you focus more on the customer, and the outcome of your problem solving, you will see a much greater return organically. If you just chase the money, that is all you ever will end up doing; chasing money.

If you help people, and solve problems, your revenue will become a constant, ever flowing stream.

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