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Will Sales Jobs Die Out?

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Every single year jobs that have been a staple to the economy fizzle out and are replaced by new careers and roles.

Lamplighters, pinsetters, human alarm clocks and switchboard operators were all roles that occupied many people in years gone by and yet have all vanished over time due to technological advances and other changes in the economy.

With the advances in technology in marketing and lead generation it can be very worrying for sales people as it is these technological advances that help to take over some of our daily tasks and can render us useless.

Or can they?

The one constant that has always remained in UK is the role of the sales person. In fact, history has been filled with great sales people. From the beginning of time sales have occurred; a transaction between an acre of corn and three cows may have been common practice back in the very early days of human kind.

Even as we move into the industrial revolution between the 1700’s and 1800’s, sales people (or salesman as they were known back then) would help forge transactions and sales between anything – including snake-oil, an all-round potion that would cure pains and aches of anyone that rubbed it on themselves.

Throughout history sales people have helped to shape our economy and buying trends. Sales people have been very monumental towards some of the biggest transactions in our life time; pretty much everything around you right now has been sold at some stage in its life. From the plastic used on the keyboard on your desk to the cup you are drinking your tea or coffee out of. Everything has, at some stage, been sold by someone.

So when I hear that technology is going to rid the word of sales people I have to scoff slightly. Sales people will never die out; but what we sell, and how we sell it will change – but that is all. I guess working sales is perfect in that sense; we can move on to the next best thing and sell that. After all; who is going to sell all those robots that are being made to steal our jobs?

Digital lead generation should be seen as an addition to our role, and an extra tool to help us sell. A business cannot rely on digital lead generation to sell everything and anything. Sometimes you need someone to push a sale along and use genuine emotion to invoke a reaction.

Even automated telephone calls are YEARS away from getting to a point that will EVER lead to a sale. I wrote recently about how I received a robot call; it was believable upon first hearing, and has potential to work but once again, do you know what was missing? Emotion. Emotion is the biggest sales tool going and I as the potential buyer had no emotional connection with the robot on the phone so it was easy to hang up, and to lie to.

If you are considering taking up a role in sales, or work in sales and you worry about the longevity of your career; do not panic. Your skills are very much safe. Sure, you may have to adapt, evolve or move on to ensure you do not get left behind but there will always be something worth selling.

There will always be consumer and customers.

There will always be a need for sales people.

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