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Why We Set up a Business Networking Group

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As many of you may have heard and seen, this year we started the Leicestershire Business Network Group and is going from strength to strength.

I was asked recently why I took the time to set up the supportive and successful group, and the answer comes in so many parts really.

You and I both know that to grow your business and to make more sales you need to network; there is no doubt about it. Networking gives you the definitive chance to meet new businesses and business leaders who could use your products or services and can also perhaps bring value to your business too. Networking is the ticket to developing strong relationships with others and to help you grow your networks.

However, it got a point where I could not find a networking event close to me that I liked. Don’t get me wrong; there are so many business networking groups available in Leicester, and in the UK for that matter, however I could never find one that attracted me. I dislike networking in the day, as it is in the day when I should be working! The day time is my clients time and taking the time to travel to a venue, park up, and mingle for a few hours to then drive to the office is a tough ask. Not only that, but networking events are normally held in boring office rooms, or the run-down conference suites of hotels that should have been refurbished after the 1970’s ended. And finally, there is a resurgence in the kind of networking groups where you have to sign your life and soul away. You know the kind; you sign on the dotted line, pay around £500, £600 or even £1000+ and you are forced to attend weekly meetings and pass referrals around.

Although I have seen businesses find great successes in these kinds of business networking groups, for me they just did not work. And that is the beauty of life, right? You have to find what works for you – but I couldn’t find a group that suited me.

So, I set up my own.

But that is not the only reason.

I wanted to put myself forward as a leader in business, and to support the businesses that are doing so well in Leicestershire right now and to provide a platform which can see us all support one another, develop strong connections and to allow a free trade of sorts between us all.

Which is where the Leicestershire Business Network Group was born.

It all started off as a Facebook group which is free to join and provides a great virtual networking experience; you should come and join us!

And from that, we soon recognised that people wanted to meet face to face and they wanted us to host events. And so we did!

The Leicestershire Business Network Group events are designed to be the perfect blend between social events and business events and the feedback so far proves we have done just that; we allow business owners and professionals to mingle in beautiful locations and venues whilst being fed amazing food – and of course to make perfect business relationships.

Why don’t you join us at our next Leicestershire Business Networking Group Event? Be sure to click HERE to find out more!

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